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It's a busy time of year to be a Shopify developer. In addition to Shopify goodness this issue features a few articles to help you operate at peak productivity!

News & Articles

Price-on-Request Form in the Shopify Narrative Theme
A unique shop selling vintage violins needed a way for customers to request the price of products. See how Thomas implemented this feature through clever usage of liquid and the Shopify contact page.
How To Start A New Habit: Think Small
I've heard lots of good things about BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits book. Here's a great introduction to the concept which explains the three easy steps needed to start cultivating new habits into your life.
Build Habits For Long-Term Productivity
Being busy is not the same as being productive. Here's part four of a series on productivity that discusses how productivity can be greatly improved by small, repetitive daily actions.
Watch mode for Shopify theme app extensions
See how a little ruby script can watch for changes in the theme-app-extensions directory to save you from needing to constantly run shopify extension push.
Mailchimp and Shopify Launch Direct Integration
What's old is new again. After an unexpected split two years ago Shopify and Mailchimp have made up. This is good news for the thousands of merchants left in the lurch and forced to find 3rd party work-arounds.
Transactional Emails Swipe File
Here's a great resource for transactional email content. Order confirmation, out for delivery, shipment delays and many other types of emails are collected here with lots of examples.

Code & Tools

Fast 2kB alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API
Day.js is a minimalist JavaScript library that parses, validates, manipulates, and displays dates and times for modern browsers with a largely Moment.js-compatible API.
Submarine for bespoke payment solutions
Submarine is a tokenized payment platform that allows Shopify Plus merchants to build bespoke customer experiences around Subscriptions, Memberships, Pre-sales, Crowdfunding, Saved payment methods, One-click purchases and upsells.
Storefront Filtering
As you'll read in the changelog below, something very exciting was added this week. You can now filter collection and search results pages using metafields! Check out the official documentation for details.
Membership Program - App
Have a project requirement for adding a membership program to a Shopify store? Check out Conjured Memberships. Digital memberships are a great way to generate recurring revenue by providing perks such as free shipping, members-only discounts, first looks at new product drops, and access to gated content.



Updated permissions on the Shopify Online Store app for GitHub
We are expanding this integration with GitHub to simplify the future development experience for building and deploying custom storefronts.


Storefront filtering now supports filters on product and variant metafields
Learn more about storefront filters on metafields in the Shopify Developer Docs.


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Senior Front-End, Remote
Progress Labs is looking for someone to work closely with the team and help our clients launch highly functional, often complex Shopify stores. Javascript framework experience is desired - bonus for Vue.js or React
Full-Stack Developer, Remote
Pixel Union is looking for a full-stack developer experienced with Node.JS and React to join our Apps team and write readable, extensible, performant code for their apps.
Freelance Shopify Developer, Remote
Voltage is looking to grow our development team. We are seeking remote freelance Shopify developers for the positions listed below.